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  • In Remembrance

    Banani Ghosh
    Tagore Songs
  • Amaro Porano Jaha Chay

    Iqbal Bahar Choudhury,Zeena Rahman
    Tagore Songs
  • Lingering emotions

    Kumar Bose,Kushal Das
    Classical - Instrumental
  • Duets

    Arundhuti Holme Choudhury,Indrani Sen,Indranil Sen,Srikanto Acharya
    Tagore Songs
  • Shades of Tagore

    Banani Ghosh,Dwijen Mukherjee,Subinoy Roy
    Tagore Songs
  • Memories of the maestros

    Banani Ghosh
    Misc / others
  • Chhandey Nanan Rang

    Pramita Mallick
    Tagore Songs
  • Shahid Parvez - live

    Shahid Parvez
    Classical - Instrumental
  • Creating Waves

    Saskia Rao-De Haas,Subhendra Rao
    Classical - Instrumental
  • Thumriyan

    Budhaditya Mukherjee,Sanjoy Kumar Mukherjee
    Classical - Instrumental

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At Rhyme Records, quality and creativity are the essence behind our existence. We take great pride in preparing exemplary products. Our objective is to ensure that you, our customer, own a part of Rhyme Records with each purchase that you make.

Each facet of our production, beginning with recording to mixing, from graphic design to final printing, is painstakingly done with excruciating attention to detail. 

We are the only recording company offering Indian music that has been recorded and mixed exclusively in the digital domain using 24 bit 96 kHz with 3-D psycho-acoustic processing for unsurpassed depth and realism. Hear the difference!

We sincerely appreciate your time and welcome any suggestions that you might have. Please bookmark this page and do visit us soon.


Rhyme Records . . . because music matters! 


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Album Kadambari
Artist Various artists
Category Tagore Songs
Price $ 8.00
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Distributed by: Albany Music

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Shahid Parvez - live
Shahid Parvez
Classical - Instrumental

New horizons
Purbayan Chatterjee
Classical - Instrumental

Manilal Nag,Ramesh Misra,Subhen Chatterjee
Classical - Instrumental

Over the years
Various artists
Tagore Songs
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