Beyond our day to day reach to achieve and above all, maintain, our unprecedented focus on delivering the very best in quality, Rhyme Records has now teamed up other leaders in the industry to assist with the continued delivery of unsurpassed projects, time and time again.
At Rhyme Records, we firmly believe that the task to promote quality releases cannot be done single-handedly. It must be done in unison with forward thinking organizations such as The Recording Industry of America (www.riaa.org), The Apple Corporation (www.apple.com) and Macromedia Corporation (www.macromedia.com) who has always been at pioneers within the entertainment industry in the United States.
Rhyme Records wishes to thank RIAA, The Apple Corporation and Macromedia for their assistance and support in helping us release the first Bengali and Indian Classical music on the ENHANCED CD format.
As affiliate member of the RIAA, The Apple Corporation and The Macromedia Corporation, Rhyme Records is proud to acknowledge this association with such esteemed leaders of the entertainment industry and feel confident that through this affiliation, our continued pursuit for excellence will remain unaltered.
Progress is a continued process achieved only thorugh effective teamwork