Recording & Mixing

          Rhyme Records offers state of the art mobile digital multi-track recording facility. Our studio is equipped with a complete line of esoteric vacuum tube and solid state recording equipment. Our prized collection of world class microphones compliment our recording equipment. At Rhyme Records, we chose our microphones and recording equipment based on the style of music to be recorded, on the artistÕs musical signature and the intended musical expression.

           Mixing is done exclusively on the digital domain using proprietary 3-D surround sound processing. This process, a trademark with every Rhyme Release, enhances and intensifies the spatial characteristics of the stereo image by adding width and depth to the stereo spectrum. Playback does not require any decoder or special processor.

Audio Pre-production

        Audio pre-production is the digital transfer of client provided audio material to CD-R for production of the glass master. This charge is the studio usage time required to make a production master complete with absolute time, digital black and end subcoding. A safety copy will be prepared from the client provided master. Safety copy will be provided to the client after completion of job.

Archival Restoration 

          Rhyme Records offers archival restoration of old recordings. If you have old recordings that need cleaning and restoring, we are able to digitally clean your cherished recordings and restore them with new life! Restored recordings can be burned on to a CD for unlimited play and years of added enjoyment.

Graphic Design 

          Graphic design will include unlimited number of scans from client provided negatives or prints. Graphic design includes any required preparation of artwork such as photo re-touching, color balancing, color correction and/or air brushing techniques for a professional look. Graphic Design may be multi-lingual utilizing English, Bengali & Hindi. Our Graphic artists are fluent in English, Bengali and Hindi. Final Film, match print, blueline print & CD-R Color separated final film is created from the final design of the artwork. This film is then sent to the printer for printing of the CD booklets and tray cards. Also provided with the final film is a match print and blueline print required for printing to ensure color matching. Rhyme Records will also provide the customer with the complete artwork design on CD-R for future use.

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